Roysam Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 2011, base in Hongkong, it owns 1 manufacturer and A quality guarantee company in China main-land.

Weilun Glass Factory is a leading professional manufacturer and exporter in glassware. We specializing in various of glass and offering an end to end service from design, manufacture, finishing and delivery, products cover all sorts of machine-made; handmade glassware and glass finishing, such as glass jar, glass bottle, glass jug, glass mug, lamp glass, wine glass, water glass, goblet, glass vase, glass candle holder, glass ashtray etc. The glass finishing include painting, both hand-painting and automatic painting, decal, printing, gold-rim, sandblasting, electroplating, mercury, flocking, mosaic, bronzing etc. our painting work shop are total dust free and automatic painting, output/day is about 25,000pcs/line. Our electroplating production line are vacuum electroplating, the finishing is excellent. Output is about 800pcs/kiln, 20mins / kiln, they are mainly work for China top level expensive wine bottle, such as maotai, wuliangye, jiugui etc., products, quality & Delivery time is better controlled through the factory.

Roysam Quality guarantee was founded in 2011, the core soul of business founding is to help client to control quality and make clients have a better life, less worries.

Currently buying from China:

Due to cultural difference and communication etc. problems, quality is still a unsolved issue. We see there is a great gap between oversea buying and China production.

As an independent third-party inspection company, we have a sound inspection network covering coastal and inland China. Our full time inspectors are well trained, reliable and experienced in inspection for a wide product range. Besides inspection services, we also provides buyers with supplier evaluation services, QC service, factory audits, sourcing service, corrective action service, sample collection, container loading check and translation service. We are particularly strong in glass industry, for glass we offer 100% full check and free warehouse etc., service. For more please kindly visit quality guarantee site.